Teaching Astronomy With Starchitect

Starchitect was designed primarily as an education game for the public, but that doesn't mean you can't use it with your class! Starchitect connects strongly to the AAAS and NGSS standards, and the gameplay design -- a few minutes at a time, stretched over days or weeks -- may make it easier to integrate into your schedule. Have your students play it at home during your astronomy unit, maybe for extra credit. We've even added an email reporting system so you can see what they've accomplished.

The Starchitect Educator Guide (pdf) lays out the game in more detail, and includes information on science standards linkages. There's also contact information: please let us know if you have any suggestions, feedback, or just stories of how you've used the game. Coming soon: we'll add some of our evaluation results.

Or, if you want to just dive in to the game yourself, click the Launch button below.